Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Fun and other distractions...

The wait is killing me! Every day I rush to the mailbox like a child running to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning in anticipation for all those gifts on that list. I just want one piece of paper! One piece of paper that says one magic word... APPROVED! We did receive the I797-c form stating that our I-800 application had been received. With that was a letter pleading for expedited approval. Now I could have a great officer who will be deeply touched and push things through right away, or I could get one of "those" officers who tosses the letter aside and proceeds to place our application at the bottom of his/her stack. Right now, I am just praying that our officer feels the urgency that we do and expedites everything for us so that our son will be home for Christmas.

In the meantime, we have found lots of fun fall activities to keep us distracted as possible during the excruciating wait. We visited Walden Farms on Saturday. I really expected it to be extremely crowded with all of the other procrastinating parents, but I was surprised at how manageable the crowd was. The girls has a blast!

The girls got their faces painted and wore the Halloween shirts that I had made them. They had a blast.
We also had fun painting the pumpkins we had found at the farm!

We also took advantage of the special from Papa Murphy's and had the Jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner!
This was one packed Saturday! But we weren't done yet. :) Bryon's boss had given him an awesome gift on Friday... TITANS TICKETS!!! Not just any tickets, but these were seats in the Executive Suite! We took the girls for one amazing game (we actually beat the Colts), so now the bar is set pretty high if we ever go to another Titans game! I hope that Bryon can get his hands on some more tickets like these in the future so he can take Matthew!

Our view from the suite was amazing!
Surprisingly, the girls were never bored and watched most of the game without any complaints.
After the game, we went home for some pumpkin carving. This was the first time for Katie to carve her pumpkin all by herself. I was so impressed! She did an amazing job and she continues to surprise me with all of her artistic abilities.
So, as you can see, we had a very busy weekend! I will be posting some pics from our very busy Monday soon... Abigail's first field trip and trick-or-treating with our buddies in our old neighborhood. It was a great Halloween, but we really can't wait to share our next one with Matthew. I hope he loves Halloween fun as much as we do!

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