Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feeling Better and Blessed!!!

So the weekend was rough! I had very human moments and the enemy was on the attack! I allowed my faith to be shaken to the core and doubt to enter my mind. I cried a lot and I was angry and hurt, but friends and strangers have come to show me that God is limitless... grants or no grants... we will get our boy home! Notice the fundraising total at the right. The goal is an estimate of what we still needed for our travel. On Saturday, we had only reached $130 towards our goal and look at it now! We are so so so close to reaching our goal. I was ready to give up. Ready to stop asking... in fact, I wasn't going to ask anymore because I have been asking for 15 months now... but God had someone else do the asking. The results are there, and words cannot express how amazed I am by the kindness and generosity of one sweet family and a host of complete strangers. I am amazed! I am blessed! And I have a lot of repenting to do! I am so thankful for the precious individuals that dug deep just days before the Christmas shopping frenzy begins... they weren't thinking about needing that money for the Thanksgiving meal or gifts for their children... they were thinking of one broken heart and an orphan boy in desperate need to come home. THANK YOU! You all have blessed us, you have opened my eyes once again, and you have brought us so much closer to our goal! Much love and appreciation to the Scott family! God is using them to be His hands and feet to help bring yet another orphan home! (They just brought their son home from China days ago). I love you guys!!

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