Monday, July 19, 2010

Crawl before you walk!

I learned a lesson today! I have been trying to tackle what I felt were the larger hurdles before taking on some of the easier tasks. One thing I have been putting off was submitting the Formal Application online with Bethany. Instead, I have been running all over with my focus on the folder of paperwork and the big checklist! I guess I wanted to get the hardest stuff done first, but that turns out to not be the best idea. Apparently, we should have submitted this online application right after our first meeting with Bethany. The BIG folder is pretty much the same information but with a LOT more detail, so I was assuming it was more important... wrong! They can't even create our file until the online application is submitted. Oops, so we have been running around doing all these tasks and we don't even have an official file set up yet?? YIKES! Now that I know that, Bryon and I sat down tonight and completed and submitted the online formal application. Now I am back to working on the folder of paperwork. I can see us having it complete this week if we can get the VERY detailed financial forms completed. Whew... we are making some progress, it just seems to be taking too long!

I also learned that just because you attend an informational meeting with notepad and pen in hand, ask lots of questions, and take notes the whole time... this doesn't ensure that you actually understand everything, even if you think you "get it". I thought I was doing so good to be making all of this progress, yet I seemed to have skipped the most basic and important step. I just hope these lessons don't cost us too much time!

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