Thursday, July 8, 2010


So who is that little boy in the picture that Cassie sent me? His name is Paulius Nemiras. He came to the orphanage in 2008 because his mother didn't have a permanent home and his medical needs were neglected. His birthday is September 22, 2006, so he is just two months younger than Abigail. He has PKU and another genetic disorder called GCFS, which caused him to be born with extra fingers (surgically removed) and his head is larger. He fits right in with us! Abigail's head was off the charts when she was a baby! He also wears glasses for a convergent squint and far sightedness and special shoes because he is flat footed (caused from the GCFS). Why would we want to take on a child with so many issues? Well, without glasses or contacts, I am legally blind, and I have a fallen arch in one foot. Big deal! This is all treatable. Paulius has issues that are treatable (PKU) or can be corrected. It is so sad to me that this beautiful child is unwanted! He has a much greater chance at overcoming these things within a family who loves him.
I also found out some very good news yesterday. Paulius is in an orphanage called the Vilnius Care Home for Babies with Developmental Disabilities. This is good news because Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. I was told that his orphanage is one of the better ones with more resources, and being in the capital places him closer to physicians and specialists. All of his medical issues are being addressed, and being in the city probably makes this possible!
There are some risks with this adoption. Since Bryon and I are in the beginning stages of adoption, another family further along in the process can come along and get the referral before we do if they are working through a different agency. While Paulius's issues make this less likely, it is not impossible. The good news is that Bethany is putting a hold for him within their agency and the orphanage knows about us and is excited that he has a family interested in him. We need your continued prayers in this. If another family is meant for Paulius, I will be heartbroken for myself and our family, but happy for Paulius and his new family. If this happens, we will continue to pursue a child to adopt. It is hard not to get attached to Paulius. I guess I already am. I just have to be prepared for all the possibilities...

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